Before You run setup

I’ll not go through the DC install, or the SQL server 2008 install, but quickly lets talk about the pre requisites required to install SCCM 2012 RC1.

    • Active Directory Domain Services (You need a Domain Controller)
      • Schema Extensions for SCCM 2012 must be run before the setup.  The application to run is called extadsch.exe and is found at this path: SCCMSetupSMSSETUPBINX64
      • Computer Account of SCCM 2012 Server needs to have Full Control rights to the “System Management” Container.
        • Note: If SCCM has never been installed in this domain (as in many lab scenarios), the “System Management” Container is not created under System, and needs to be manually created
        • On a DC, Start, Run, adsiedit.msc, Connect to the Domain, Expand the domain and select CN=Systemimage
        • Right click CN=System , New, Object…image
        • Select “Container” from the listimage
        • Enter “System Management” in the Value and select Next


        • Click Finish on the next screenimage
        • Now that we have a System Management object under CN=System, Lets set the permission required


        • Right Click “System Management” and select Properties, select the “Security tab

Add the computer account of SCCM machine and grant it “Full Control”

  • SQL Server 2008 SP2 (this has changed from the SQL 2008 SP1 CU 10 or greater requirement from Beta 2).  This can be on the same machine/VM as SCCM in lab.
    • Note: A new check in the RC1 edition is that if the SQL server does not have a maximum memory value set, it will flag it as a warning during setup.  To fix this, SQL server management studio can be used to set the maximum memory value

As long as there is a value set for Maximum Server memory (in MB): the setup will not flag a warning.

  • On the Server where SCCM 2012 is to be installed, you need the following:
  • .Net 3.5 and .Net 4.0
  • WSUS 3.0 SP2 (if WSUS is installed on another server in the environment, the admin console should be installed on the SCCM server)
  • BITS
  • Remote Differential Compression
  • IIS WMI Compatibility Component


The Install

Now that all the requirements have been taken care of, its time to mount the ISO, you will be welcomed by the splash screen

Select Install

Read the screen and click Next

Select “Install a Configuration Manager primary site” as this is the first SCCM server in the environment.

You know what to do here

Enter a path where you would like setup to download updates, for me it downloaded 15 files 245 MB in total.

Select your language, the RC1 only supports English as other options are greyed out

Select Client’s language

Enter Site Code, name and the Install folder

As this is the first server, we will select Install the primary site as a stand-alone site.

Click Yes

Here you enter the SQL server name of your SQL Server 2008 sp2 server

Enter the SQL server for the SMS provider

Select the communication method

Select Yes

Select the Client Connection from HTTP or HTTPS for management & distribution point.

Click Next

Review the options selected and click Next

If you did not complete the AD and SQL server steps described in the “Before you run setup” section above, you will receive these warnings.  Leave the setup here, fix the issues and select “Run Check”

If you successfully completed the steps, there would be no errors or warnings, select Begin Install

The setup will complete and you are ready to install Sites and create a Hierarchy.